Damo Flex

A versatile and cost-effective solution for the repair and protection of damaged uprights. Thanks to its modular nature, the Damo Flex can readily be stocked for immediate availability. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and is designed to fit on any racking system.

Front & Back Columns (DBRS)

This combo option repairs both front and back rack columns.


  • Diagonal Brace: This diagonal brace follows the original configuration of the rack.
  • Cup: The cup is adapted to fit any type of rack.
  • Powder Coat Paint: The unit is covered in a durable metallic gray powder coat paint.
  • Front Post: The front post is made of 3/16” thick hollow structural steel, which makes it very resistant.
  • Solidly Anchors: All kits come with high shearing capacity screw type anchors made by Hilti.
  • Custom Foot Plate: Foot plates can be customized for seismic zones, can be extended, or come without a bullnose.
  • Front Bullnose: The bullnose of the unit protects the front anchor against lift damage.


  • Strong: We use high-quality structural steel with a heavy gage to offer true impact resistance.
  • Bolt-On Kits: All Damo Flex kits are shipped ready to be installed. No welding is done on site.
  • Any Type of Rack: We will repair and protect any type of rack, even those that are no longer manufactured.
  • Powder Coated Paint: A process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is used to achieve the application of the powder coating to the steel. All our paint is done in-house, in our new facility.
  • Peace of Mind: Our repair kits also protect the rack column after the installation. This means you no longer have to worry about damaging this location again.
  • Custom Units: Our units are made-to measure in height and size, but we also offer the possibility of choosing a special paint color, galvanizing the unit or modifying the foot plate when requested.
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