BZH Blast Freezer Curtains

Easy operation, minimal maintenance

  • Eliminate the need for heavy and dangerous insulated panel doors.
  • Effectively seal and redirect the chamber’s airflow, increasing efficiency, reducing blast cycle times, and lowering energy consumption. 
  • Minimize the build-up of ice on the floor, reducing the chance of employee injuries from slips or falls.
  • Enhance employee efficiency with single-person operation.
  • Save money wtih a cost-effective design, easy installation and minimal long-term maintenance.

Freezer curtains are constructed of insulated, sliding panels (number of panels depends on application) nested in a tubular steel frame. Each panel is made of 18-ounce, industrial vinyl fabric surrounding a layer of anti-microbial polyester batting. BZH Walls slide open and closed on a track-and-trolley system and can be operated by a single person. Galvanized vertical control staffs with drop pins and floor sockets add stability for the windy conditions. A flexible bottom sweep seals against the floor to minimize energy loss and to help maintain desired conditions.

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