CoolMan HVHS Fan

Ceiling-mounted CoolMan HVHS Fan
  • Ceiling-mounted CoolMan HVHS Fan
  • Swivel head of CoolMan HVHS four-blade fan
  • Floor sitting CoolMan HVHS Fan
  • Wall-Mounted CoolMan HVHS Fan

HVLS ceiling fans have reduced the demand for traditional floor fans. Still, there are cases where these large industrial ceiling fans won't fit. Whether it's a low ceiling, a pick module, a mezzanine, a rack aisle, near cranes or other obstructions, your fan options may be limited. These sort of situations call for a portable industrial fan. Rite-Hite's HVHS (high volume, high speed) portable fans can help your air movement problem and improve productivity by reducing effective temperatures. Our application engineers are trained to use strategic planning to apply HVHS fans in a way that will maximize performance and airflow in your facility, while giving you year round comfort and results you desire.

  • Available as a Portable Floor Fan, Portable Floor Fan with 90° Tilt, and Ceiling Column Mount with 90° Tilt and 360° Swivel.
  • Durable 18-22 gauge steel barrel, with polyester powder coat bronze finish.
  • Diameters from 36" to 60".
  • Four red blades engineered with an airfoil design featuring tilt, taper and twist.
  • Electrical plug-in design, with 10' grounded 3 conductor cord.
  • 115 volt, 60 hertz, single phase, single speed motor, with two speeds available on some fan designs.
  • 2 mph air movement up to 90' away.