Coolman Zone Fan

A Small Fan for Big Results

The CoolMan Zone fan is a small destratification fan that continuously delivers a powerful, precise column of air creating a uniform temperature. It is designed to reduce energy costs and improve worker comfort and productivity in your facility.

The CoolMan Zone Fan is easy to install in aisles, smaller spaces or around obstructions such as lighting and fire suppression equipment because of their small size.


  • Patented design delivers the maximum amount of CFM to the floor level
  • Available in mounting heights up to 50’
  • Each fan covers from 1,200-2,500 sq. ft., depending on ceiling height, square footage and the targeted number of air-turns per hour


  • Housing is made of durable, double-wall construction with UV-treated, flame-resistant black plastic
  • Available in 115V or 230V Electrically Commutated (EC) motors for variable speed control or 115V Alternating Current (AC) for single-speed control
  • Stator ring boosts the coverage area and allows the maximum amount of air to reach the floor level


  • Robust suspension cable or threaded rod rigid mounting options
  • Intake Safety Grill is standard on all models
  • Optional Exhaust Grill is required for any spot cooling application or mounting locations under 10’ high

Controls and Applications

CoolMan Zone Fans with EC motors are operated by a variable speed controller to allow you to customize your comfort and savings individually or in zones. The fans can be positioned straight down for destratification or air mixing, but can also be installed in a tilted position to target specific areas to generate precise airflow for spot cooling applications.

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