Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED Dock Light

This dock light offers enhanced flexibility and adjustability when lighting a trailer or container at the loading dock.

The design incorporates an aluminum-cast, impact-resistant head, and six CREE LED’s that consume just 18 watts of energy while outputting 925 lumens. The light is rated for 175,200 hours (20 years) of service life, which includes LED’s, driver and all electrical components.

Additional features include:

  • Flex Neck Arm Design – The multi-articulating arm made from molded nylon, allows for multiple bend points and can be easily modified in the field to address unique configuration or obstructions that may be encountered at the dock opening.
  • Manual Light Control – Four different settings with visual indicators to clearly identify the current level of lighting.
  • Motion Sensing Technology – This optional feature senses when a forklift or person is leaving a trailer and automatically dims the light output accordingly.
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