Revolution LT

A Big HVLS Fan for a Limited Budget

The Revolution LT is a four-blade high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan that is the economical choice when you are on a limited budget. The Revolution LT HVLS Fan is operated by a single fan controller and provides wire communication between the touch screen interface and fan control box.

While still maintaining the same safety and quality as the other Rite-Hite HVLS fans, installing a large industrial fan such as the Revolution LT is highly beneficial to your facility. Consistent and effective air movement is critical to any facility, and HVLS fans are used for more than just cooling.


  • Available in 8’ (2440 mm), 12’ (3660 mm), 16’ (4880mm), 20’ (6100mm) and 24’ (7320mm) diameters
  • Covers up to 22,000 sq. Ft., moving air up to 85 ft. In all directions from the center of the fan
  • Formed aluminum blades incorporate tilt, taper, and twist to produce consistent airflow across the entire length of the blade, eliminating pockets of stagnant air under the center of the fan
  • Improve productivity by providing evaporative cooling and destratification
  • Help reduce moisture accumulation and stagnant air pockets


  • 4-blade geared motor fan for continuous air movement
  • Precision-milled layered aluminum hub and bolt
  • The blade and hub are balanced for smooth, efficient performance
  • Approximate weight is 300 lbs (actual weight varies according to the fan size and mounting style)
  • Optional motor shroud and hub cover available
  • Custom colors and logos are available


  • The Revolution LT features a three-way motor-to-hub safety connection, as well as stabilizing cables and motor housing
  • A unique safety ring is provided for back-up security for the motor-to-hub connection
  • Each hub “resilient arm” is connected to the safety ring


  • View and adjust On/Off settings, fan speed and system diagnostics
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized use
  • Dimensions: 6”W x 4.75”H (15.25 cm W x 12.1 cm H). Screen size is 4” (measured diagonally)


The Revolution LT HVLS fans is ideal for use in a wide variety of application including:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail buildings
  • Fulfillment, Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Smaller facilities in need of cooling or destratification
  • Hundreds of other applications
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