Raptor Max

Safety, Simplicity, Smart Technology

Raptor Max Rubber Door is a rugged industrial door with sizes up to 20’x20’. It features a lubrication free design that stands up well in dirty, dusty environments. The rubber curtain has a soft bottom edge and automatic re-feed.

The lubrication free design stands up well in dirty, dusty environments and the durable rubber curtain has a soft bottom edge and re-feed so if it is impacted, your project and equipment remains safe.

The Curtain Monitoring System features breakaway detection with curtain monitoring sensors which can detect side frame misfeed or stalled curtain closing if the door is broken out of tracks.

The Raptor Max is a smart door with Rite-Hite’s Opti-Vu IIOT Program. This energy-saving module improves productivity, increases safety, controls energy consumption and enhances asset management with the interactive tool, allowing your employees to make data-informed decisions.

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