Performer Dock Seal

The Performer Dock Seal is W. E. Carlson’s top design, featuring ultra-durable side pad construction and high performance headers for the ultimate in durability and sealing effectiveness. Most features of the Performer are exclusive to Rite-Hite, setting the Performer apart from traditional dock seals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pleat-free, ultra durable side pad face – Rugged, friction-resistant Durathon® reinforcing covers vinyl base layer, to give trailers a smooth, “slippery” single surface to ride against, reducing abrasion and wear.
  • Full-height inside side pad reinforcing – Durathon reinforcing protects side pads from damage due to hits from forklifts and loads.
  • Triple-reinforced corner wear boots – Multiple layers under outer Durathon friction-resistant fabric fortify corners, where earliest and most severe damage typically occurs.
  • Replaceable wear components – Corner wear boots and head curtain face are attached with Velcro and are quickly and easily replaced, if needed, for simple, low-cost maintenance or upgrades.
  • Internal Firefighter® technology – Triple-layer foil heat-dissipation system in header prevents burning from the heat build-up of compressed trailer marker lights.
  • Light-blocking header face – Mini pleats close gaps caused by seal-breaking protrusions on backs of trailers.
  • Head Pad Model: Anti-sag head pad construction – Backerless head pad with internal stabilizing panel adapts to trailer movement, preventing foam from sagging over time after repeated trailer impact and bouncing motion.
  • Head Pad Model: Head pad pop-off protection – Unique mounting allows head pad to pivot upwards freely, preventing it from becoming pried off the wall by trailers when yard jockeys are in use.
  • Head Curtain Model: Impactable header frame – Flexible framing resists damage if struck by trailer coming in too high.
  • Head Curtain Model: Head curtain stability system – Self-locking design improves sealing integrity at trailer top and eliminates the need for wind straps. Prevents curtain from blowing in wind and losing contact with trailer.
  • Available PitMaster™ 4th-side sealing system – Gaps beneath and around dock leveler and bumpers are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing energy savings, improving cleanliness and helping pass inspections.
  • 36-month money-back satisfaction guarantee – Built to Rite-Hite’s high standards for quality and performance, Performer Dock Seals are backed by a full, 3-year money-back guarantee of satisfaction with appropriately signed paperwork in addition to the standard 12-month parts and labor warranty.
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