Global Wheel Chock

Extra-long footbed allows tires to maintain continuous downward force

The GWC-1000 Global Wheel Chock is a manually positioned wheel chock with extra-long footbed. Equipped with an ultra-sonic sensor to constantly communicate safe operational engagement, the chock is designed to secure the widest variety of trailer types, including liftgates and trailers with or without rear-impact guards (RIGs). Ergonomically positioned, the smart wheel chock solution allows the trailer to maintain continuous downward force to help reduce potential hazardous movement during loading.

  • Ergonomically Secure Widest Variety of Trailers – GWC-1000 is positioned manually with minimal force for ergonomic operation, helping to secure various tire diameters.
  • Integrity of Installation – Completed dock survey required for each dock position to help ensure safe and proper application of all restraint solutions. Critical to the safety of material handlers and equipment utilizing the equipment, the surveys are reviewed by expert Applications team if outside of standard dock configuration.
  • Withstand Harsh Loading Dock Environment – Continuous aluminum extrusion with a yield strength of 40KSI does not require adjustment as climatic conditions change. Steel hanger bracket is mounted to the outside of the building for storage of the Global Wheel Chock out the snow, ice and debris of the drive approach.
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