Door Deputy

Manual sectional dock doors can eventually “drift” or “sag” into the door opening creating opportunities for door panel damage, increased maintenance costs and inefficient loading operations.

Additionally, a broken conventional slide lock on a manual sectional door leaves a door unsecured, this is an open invitation for intruders. The large gap created at the bottom of the door is now a source for energy loss.

Rite-Hite can help solve these unwanted sectional door challenges with the Door Deputy® Door System. This system is a combination anti-sag and automatic locking mechanism system which consists of The Hold-Open™ Anti-Sag System and the Lock Down™ Security System. They can be retrofitted to existing sectional doors and installed for right or left side applications.

Hold-Open™ Anti-Sag System

  • Prevents doors from drifting down into the door opening
  • The raised door will automatically activate the Hold-Open System
  • The door remains locked and out of the way until the release cord is pulled; deactivating the Door Deputy

Lock Down™ Security System

  • Locking latch travels with door to automatically activate the Lock-Down System
  • Quick-Flex™ handle for easy manual operation
  • Keeps door secure from intruders
  • Helps create a tight seal between the dock leveler and the door
  • 2 1/2 times stronger than conventional slide locks
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