Damo Shield

The Damo Shield protects warehouse building columns. It’s the only solution on the market that does not touch the column or rely on it in case of an accident. It is made of two 1/4” structural steel half-moons with a minimal footprint. At 36″ in height and anchored to the ground with eight heavy-duty anchors, it will stay put. It can be customized in shape to protect other items running next to the columns.

Fork Blocker

As the name implies, the fork blocker blocks forks from impacting building columns above 8″. This insert was designed to prevent the lift’s forks from reaching through to the column while the Damo Shield protects the column from all the other parts of the lift.


  • Height: The standard height is 36″ – Also offered at 48″.
  • Structural Steel: Made of 1/4″ thick structural steel for maximum resistance.
  • Bolts: They are 1/2″ bolts – Grade 5.
  • Deflex Plate: The circular DEFLEX PLATE is 8″ high and is meant to protect the column at floor level. It’s an integral part of the Damo Shield and is included in the the standard unit.
  • Anchors: 8 high shearing capacity Hilti anchors are included in this kit.


  • Safer Warehouse: A safe warehouse is good for everyone; it reduces stress for managers and employee productivity is likely to increase.
  • Custom Built: All of our products are tailor made to our customer’s needs, to ensure a perfect fit that will be permanent and offer peace of mind.
  • Certified Installations: Our installations are done by specialized technicians who are certified by Damotech annually. They are knowledgeable in the installation procedures set forth by our engineers and they carry liability insurance.
  • Bolt-On: Kits All of our units are shipped ready to be installed with all the necessary hardware. No welding is done on site.
  • Quick Installation: Installation of a Damo Shield can be done in less than 30 minutes.
  • Damage Prevention: Our units are robust and built to withstand the harshest of environments so you don’t have to worry about damage.
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