Overhead Screen Door System

Overhead screen door with bug screen
  • Overhead screen door with bug screen

An Overhead Screen Door System is designed to ventilate a facility and provide security to eliminate any unauthorized people, insects, birds, or rodents from entering. The door is available in a stand alone track system or a unique switch track systems, where the lower vertical track is shared with the existing overhead door.  The stainless steel screen mesh is strong for security and complies with all food safety & food defense regulations for food facility applications. 

Features Include:

  • Standard commercial grade hardware
  • Stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specifications STD A-A_1037B .023"" 12x12 mesh for security doors .011"" 30x30 mesh for food applications
  • Stand a lone dual track system or innovative switch track design system
  • Torsion spring kit included
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Widths up to 24 feet Options
  • Strutting
  • Motor Operated