Damo Brace

Damo Brace

A universal design for the replacement of damaged or missing horizontal and diagonal braces. It maintains the original configuration of a rack upright. The Damo Brace is unique in its kind as it prevents the replacement of the entire upright if only the braces are damaged.


  • Bolts: This brace comes with 3 - 3/8"bolts - Grade 5.
  • Paint Color: The standard paint color is orange, but a special paint color to match your rack can be requested.
  • Flexible: The design is universal, with its pivoting head it can be installed in both vertical and horizontal configurations.


  • Heavy Duty: We use high-quality structural steel with a heavy gage to offer true impact resistance.
  • Custom Products: All of our products are made-to-measure. We offer the possibility of choosing a special paint color for your brace or galvanizing the unit.
  • Powder Coated Paint: This process is done in our new facility and offers durability in a longer-lasting finish.
  • Bolt-On Kits: All of our units are shipped ready to be installed. No welding is done on site.
  • Any Type of Rack: We will repair and protect any type of rack, even those that are no longer manufactured.
  • Certified Installations: Our installations are done by specialized technicians who are certified by Damotech annually. They are knowledgeable in the installation procedures set forth by our engineers and they carry liability insurance.