Damo Fence

Damo Fence

Designed for the highly critical areas of the warehouse where forklift accidents would be operationally disruptive and costly to fix. The Damo Fence is more robust than typical fences found on the market and has an extremely high resistance to impact.

Deflex Plate

An additional Deflext Plate can be added to the middle of the Fence to make it extra robust. 12" in height and made of 5/16" thick structural steel, it will run the length of the Fence.


  • Height: Standard Height is 36"
  • Structural Steel: Made of 1/4" thick structural steel for maximum impact resistance.
  • Additional Deflex Plate: The Damo Fence comes with a 8" high Deflex Plate at the base, but an additional 12" one can be added above it.
  • Paint Color: Standard powder coated color is orange. It can be galvanized or painted any color, if requested.
  • Anchors: Solidly anchored to the ground with screw type anchors that are included with the kit.


  • Custom Built: All of our products are tailor made to our customer's needs, to ensure a perfect fit that will be permanent and offer peace of mind.
  • Quick Installation: Installations are done by technicians who are certified by Damotech annually. They are knowledgeable in the installation procedures set forth by our engineers and they carry liability insurance.
  • Safer Warehouse: A safe warehouse is good for everyone; it reduces stress for managers and employee productivity is likely to increase.
  • Solid Anchors: All of our products come with screw type anchors that are time-saving and easy to install, and are a fully removable and reusable anchoring solution. Seismic anchors are provided in seismic zones or when required.
  • Powder Coated Paint: This process offers durability in a longer-lasting finish and choice in paint color.
  • Heavy Duty: We use high quality structural steel with a heavy gauge to offer true impact resistance.