Rotating Dok-Lok Prevents Costly Accidents at a Chicago Paper Company

Case Overview: 

A Chicago-based paper company has multiple semi-trucks come in and out of their loading dock daily. There is limited space in the dock for the truck to turn around and occasionally they have close calls where the trucks almost collide. When the semis are all lined up in the docks, if one tips, it will cause a chain reaction that sends all of them down. This can be a very costly and time-consuming accident. The paper company needed a restraint that would ensure that the trailer wouldn’t tip over, creep away from the dock, upend, or allow for a driver to take off before the trailer has been fully unloaded and the Dok Lok has been removed.


With limited dock space, this Chicago-based paper company needed extra assurance that if a truck entering the dock accidentally grazed another truck, they wouldn’t have a chain reaction of trucks tipping over and creating costly damage.


Carlson provided a rotating hook Dok-Lok that attached onto the bottom of the truck and locks it into place. The Dok-Lok prevented a very costly accident by holding a trailer in place after a semi trailer swung out and clipped the corner of it.